Today is football Sunday, in my house, and here I sit at least temporarily watching the Atlanta Falcons with my sister. They… truly are the Hillary Rodham Clinton of football. No matter how good they may seem to be doing, no matter how far ahead they seem to get, they will find a way to screw it up. They’re like, a microcosm of all our hopes for success and fears of failure. Or I could be reading too much into a football team that just kind of sucks when they shouldn’t.

Another similarity between the Leadership Unit HRC and the Atlanta Falcons? I’m pretty sure their defense is staffed entirely by almost seventy year old women. I can’t find any other explanation for their, er… creative definitions of tackling, covering and even (as of this moment) reliably staying on side.

But enough about Hillary Clinton (the Atlanta Falcons of politics). Well, kinda. They do feature a little bit into my main wonderment, today. Okay… so, perception creates reality. This is hard to argue against, even if you’re a strictly Newtonian follower of the science-priest Neil DeGrasse Tyson (Black Science Man, tm Black Science Man Industries Incorporated). I am color blind in way that makes me see colors as somewhat faded.  Thus, I perceive reality differently than other people. If there is a bucket commonly agreed upon as “red,” and there is no one around to tell me, I will almost certainly continue to believe that it is orange. If someone does explain it to me? I will intellectually understand and accept that it is “red,” but will still perceive it as orange. What I see as “red” would probably look like burgundy or garnet, almost purple, to you.

So what does this have to do with the Leadership Unit? Some of the Wikileaks information shows that she had an indication, and what’s more believed deep in her stiff, robotic little heart, that she was going to lose this election all the way back in July. This may have helped to create, in the words of Bud Tribble, a “reality distortion field” that–independent of the external factors which moved voters and all the other relevant forces towards the Donald–made it impossible for her to win.

As above, so below. It’s a well known concept in Hermetic magic. It’s expressed also, in Matthew 18:18, as “Truly I tell you, whatever you bind or earth shall also be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth shall also be loosed in heaven.” As below, so above.

If we believe that something is impossible, there’s no way it can happen. The first time I took the CPAT, even though I had trained my butt off all summer long, I “knew” it was impossible for me to pass. This, independent of the relevant physical factors, made failure a totally inescapable fact. The second time? I knew that I had prepared well and could pass. I don’t know how I did, considering I was just about dead of a sinus infection when I took it, but I managed it. I feel as if, somehow, I took too long but it’s almost as time dilated on the course, somewhere between the K12 carry and the rescue drag, and I passed with 26 seconds left to spare. I’m not a firefighter now, for a variety of other reasons, but I passed the CPAT and learned a valuable lesson. The time I put in on the stairmill training for those long months didn’t just prepare my legs and lungs for the test, it also prepared my perception.

As above, so below. Whatever you bind on earth, Kefa, so shall it be bound in heaven. This is powerful stuff, people. We have a chance to take the reality we find and make something better out of it. Wouldn’t we be fools to let that chance lie? I don’t just think it, friends, I know it. So go out and make a better world. It’s hard work, but someone has to do it.

And as for the Atlanta Falcons? I’m going to let my sister handle that one. That mountain may be a little too high for me to climb.