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“If an ox gore a man or a woman..” If you own an ox and he has been known to gore and you do not make it known that he is a danger–the Romans and others used to put hay on the horn that he used to attack with–then you have unleashed a knife unto the world driven by an arm that weighs a thousand pounds and are culpable for the murder that it does. Likewise if I approach an ox who has been known to be dangerous and am gored then I am culpable for suicide as if I had driven the knife into my own chest. But how is one to know if an ox is safe or if an owner is negligent? Is it better to avoid oxen altogether?

I don’t know. Even after prayer, (a little, not much) fasting and meditation I can’t provide an answer better than to trust in the Lord that not all oxen will gore, since one must be around them to live a relatively normal life, but be ready to jump if the great head  and horns swings toward you with intent to do harm.